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2017 Indian Wedding Sangeet Dance Songs List for Bride and Groom

Amongst all the hectic schedules of wedding planning, the sangeet ceremony is considered one of the most entertaining and fun-filled one!

These days sangeet ceremony are organised together by the two families and a trend of Team Bride versus Team Groom has also aroused. This is when the youngsters wait for the traditional dholaki songs to get over so that they start their dhamakedar dance.

If you’re planning a sangeet night and wondering which songs to choose for your dance performance, we have an Indian wedding sangeet song...

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Affordable Destination Wedding Planning Tips And Gift Ideas on a Budget

You might be dreaming of a wedding on a beach or may be on a hill top, but a tight budget might be bothering you. The biggest myth about destination weddings is that they are made only for the elite and are heavy on the pocket.

But here are some myths that are busted by Marriageuana’s founder, Pramod Lunawat who has been planning destination weddings for all kind of budgets, from Big Fat to Affordable!

Destination weddings are mean...

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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips: A Smart Bride Guide!

Wedding shopping is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding preparation process. But, the process of finding the right bridal outfit, jewellery and shoes are not always easy; you may end up buying something either too expensive or too cheap for your wedding day.

Every girl wants to look the best on her wedding day and to keep all the eye balls on herself; the wedding attire should be given a great amount of thought. That’s why for all bride-to-be’s, here are some wedding dress shopping tips ...

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Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Wedding Photographer!

We’re sure you all must have seen your parents wedding videos and laughed at weirdly angled pictures and funny music playing in the background. And let’s be honest, in that moment you promised yourself you’ll never go through that in your own wedding videos!

Choosing a wedding photographer is more important than choosing any other wedding vendor because after all it’s the pictures that will become memories and you don’t want to regret looking ...

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