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Tips to Plan a Wedding on Budget!

Planning a wedding successfully is the Holy Grail of organizing, you have to juggle so many aspects that no wonder a huge team is required to implement it. Nothing however can be more disappointing or frustrating than planning your dream wedding and realizing that you have completely overshot your planned budget.

Thus we bring you handy tips about planning your budget along with a printable to help you stay organized beforehand to avoid any mismanagement!

Prioritize: Each bride envisions her wedding according to her personal...

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How to not Make a Fool of Yourself at your own Wedding!

Your wedding day is here and the spotlight is shining on you! It’s your day and you need to make sure you’re getting all the attention for the right reasons.

So here’s a list of ways that you can enjoy the wedding of your dreams without making a fool of yourself:

Do not get Intoxicated!

Okay so this one is kind of a no-brainer but still something that needs to be reiterated. A drunk br...

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Things That Can Go Wrong On A Wedding Day & How To Prevent Them!

If you, like the majority of women around the world, have been working on your wedding since you can remember, then it’s essential that your big day goes smoothly and without a hitch. So we’ve prepared this by no means exhaustive list (because some situations are genuinely out of our control). But still you will find this list pretty handy when it comes to thinking of destination wedding etiquettes and contingency plans.

DECORATION DRILLSYou always imagined a wedding with baby pink flowers but then your florist shows ...

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