Events and Entertainment


A display of art, design and intricacy on the palms, which is symbolic to every auspicious Indian Tradition.From the shacks in Rajasthan to the Bangles and Jooti’s, we don’t miss a thing.


Dance to the tunes of Bollywood. Be it swaying to music by Vishal-Shekhar or songs by Mika, the beats of Honey Singh or the romantics by Arjit Singh – we know how to set fire to your tail so that even the non dancers dance it off with their “latkas”,“jhatkaas” and “London thumkaas.”


Lets raise a glass to yet another reason for joy and celebration. Suit up, put on your little black dresses and gowns and get ready with those heels and leather shoes to dance the night off. It’s going to be a long, long night. With us, music, your favorite family members and just a little bit of alcohol. Memories you’ll make and times you will never forget

Life Landmark Events

For us, every occasion is like a milestone. And we make it a point to leave a mark of remembrance after each one of them. Be it a birthday celebration or an anniversary,a new member in the family or just another hen’s party or bachelorette, we don’t need a reason to celebrate. We just believe in making it all very special.

Star Studded Nights

A star attraction to grace the occasion.We have our sources at Bollywood Town who are ready to come celebrate with you and make musical history.