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Indian Wedding and Mehndi Party Favours Ideas

indian wedding and mehndi party ideas

Your guests go through a lot to make it to your wedding; booking tickets, buying outfits, begging bosses for leaves, and much more. And, if you’re planning to make them feel special with some Indian wedding favours, make sure that you give something that they can actually use.

Here’re some Indian wedding favours ideas for your guests that will make them remember your wedding for a long time.

JhoomerIt is a great idea to give jhoomers as mehndi party favors. By the end of the event, every woman would be wearing ...

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Ideas for Indian Pre-Wedding Party Games to Play for Guests

indian pre-wedding party ideas

You might be familiar and open with your relatives and cousins, but not everyone from both the sides, ladkiwalas and ladkawalas, will be. You will invite your friends from college, school, work, cousins, relatives, neighbours, and many of them will not be connected with each other and some of them might be meeting each other for the first time at the wedding event. And, it is impossible to make an introduction for everyone on the wedding day, and even if introduced, there’s always a discomfort in opening up with people.


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Personalizing Your Wedding in 2018- Wedding Favours, Invitation Cards, Cake Toppers, Napkins, Sweets, Gifts for Guests & Hashtag Ideas

personalize wedding

With a super supportive team and the coolest clients, 2017 was beautifully awesome for us!

People attend many weddings every year and to make yours memorable and remembered by your guests, personalizing your wedding is important. For a kickass 2018 wedding season/year, we have some amazingly doable personalized wedding ideas that can help bring smiles to everyone’s face in a cute and unique way.

Hashtagify your wedding It’s likely that guests will click pictures at your wedding and if you have a long guest list t...

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Larger than Life Wedding in Kolkata by one of the Top Wedding Planner in India

wedding in kolkata

For those who are planning a wedding this year, our “What to Expect” section will help you with inspiration from real weddings planned & executed by us.

To make a traditional wedding pleasurable and not burdensome, marriageuana planned Saloni & Anuj’s wedding in Kolkata and its events with their vision in mind. A fusion of a modern Indian wedding with traditional yet fun celebrations was well highlighted at this union between the two families; the bride hailing from Gujrat and the Groom based in Kolkata ...

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