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2017 Indian Wedding Sangeet Dance Songs List for Bride and Groom

Wedding Sangeet Dance
Amongst all the hectic schedules of wedding planning, the sangeet ceremony is considered one of the most entertaining and fun-filled one!

These days sangeet ceremony are organised together by the two families and a trend of Team Bride versus Team Groom has also aroused. This is when the youngsters wait for the traditional dholaki songs to get over so that they start their dhamakedar dance.

If you’re planning a sangeet night and wondering which songs to choose for your dance performance, we have an Indian wedding sangeet songs list for the bride and groom to own the stage with their latkas and jhatkas!

For Team Bride:
Your sangeet ceremony is loaded with relatives and friends from both the sides and you don’t want people to make fun of you at your own sangeet. So, if you’re looking for decent yet funky wedding sangeet songs, here’s the list for team bride to consider:

  1. Naachde Ne Saare
    Make your dance performance a dynamic one with this track. It is a great song to bring all your family members on the dance floor!
  2. Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai
    With its heavy dose of energy, this song will keep you on your nerves. It is an ideal party anthem for Bride to dance with her sisters and friends and stop guests from sinking into the chairs!
  3. Banno Tera Swagger
    A transition from the traditional banno sung by aunties on Sangeet nights with this fun and lively song and pull out all your fabulous dance moves for a desi performance full of swag!
  4. Tamma Tamma Again
    A recreated version of a hit 1990’s song is a hit party track. Follow Mithun Chakraborty’s iconic disco moves with bright disco glittering costumes and turn your sangeet performance into a funky one! Great for bringing the old-but-not-so-old guests to the floor.

For Team Groom:
At every sangeet ceremony, everyone looks forward to Team Groom’s dance performance as it is expected to be the most energetic. So here’s top sangeet dance songs list for Groom, so that they set the stage on fire! 

  1. Badrinath ki Dulhania Title Track
    With its energetic beats, this song will elevate the love and make your guest's feet tap as you dance along this track!
  2. CutiePie
    Make your bride feel special by dedicating a dance performance on this groovy wedding song and turning the ambience a little filmy!
  3. Move Your Lakk Baby
    Badshah & Daljit Dosanjh in collaboration, everyone knows that Punjabi weddings are incomplete without their songs! And, this song will surely make your guests move their lakk with its energetic beats!
  4. Gulabo
    With quirky lyrics, this song is amazing for a raunchy groom performance with all his cousins accompanying him!

For Couple Performance:  Are you planning a romantic dance performance with your partner, choose the sangeet songs for couples from the list below. 

  1. High Heels Te Nache
    If you’re planning to showcase your love story to your family and friends this is a peppy song and best to dance with a skit!
  2. Iski Uski
    For an upbeat and vibrant dance performance, this song will add the right amount of tardka!
  3. Humsafar
    For a whistling dance number, this is a perfect soulful song for a romantic and intimate slow motion dance!

Put on your dancing shoes and perk up your Sangeet with one of the best Bollywood tracks. If you have suggestions for Sangeet songs for bride and groom, then comment below so we can add them to the list!

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