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Affordable Destination Wedding Planning Tips And Gift Ideas on a Budget

Destination Wedding Planning Tips and Gift Ideas

You might be dreaming of a wedding on a beach or may be on a hill top, but a tight budget might be bothering you. The biggest myth about destination weddings is that they are made only for the elite and are heavy on the pocket.

But here are some myths that are busted by Marriageuana’s founder, Pramod Lunawat who has been planning destination weddings for all kind of budgets, from Big Fat to Affordable!

Destination weddings are meant to be small, private and intimate, which turns out to be a great excuse to keep your budget low. Take a look at the following points shedding light on why destination wedding may be right for you!

Minimal Venue Decor
Consider destinations with natural scenery that are so beautiful that it creates an intimate backdrop and minimal decorations are required. This saves your wedding decorations rentals budget while making sure that your photographs look absolutely stunning. Imagine rustic pine trees with brooks flowing by, or pristine blue waters and orange hues of the sunset. With minimum effort required to dress up stunning venues, you end up with a venue that doesn’t break the bank!
Destination Wedding Planning Tips For Venue

Friends and Family Only
Only the near and dear ones will celebrate your happiness and set apart the entire week/weekend to travel for your destination wedding and because your guest count is low, you will save money on transportation and lodging and will end up spending less overall. Besides, who wants to keep endlessly smiling and thanking guests whom you’ve never met before, your mom’s aunt’s friend who?Friends Family Only Among Destination Wedding

Early Honeymoon
Destination weddings offer an invaluable opportunity to explore a new place and strengthen bonds with family and friends. Also, you can save your travel expenses by simply extending your stay for little longer after all your wedding ceremonies are over. Once all the guests leave, it’s your Honeymoon and you don’t have to waste time and money travelling to another location!Wedding Tips To Include Early Honeymoon
Picture Credits: Tarun Chawla Photography

"Destination wedding can really save you money and also provides private and romantic celebrations with your partner, family and friends. This is one of the main reasons why destination weddings in India are getting increasingly popular", says Pramod Lunwat.

Here’re some destination wedding planning tips:

  1. Choose Smaller and Unexplored Cities and Venues
    Choosing the right location is the most important decision. If you’re planning a budget destination wedding in India then choose locations such as Mussoorie, Shimla, Alibaug, Udaipur, Corbett, etc- the smaller the city, the bigger the effect! These small cities have hotels that are unseen & unexplored so the venue managers will take the pain and will make big efforts to please you.Destination Wedding Forum
  2. Choose Destinations that are not too far
    It’s important to consider how easily most of your guests can reach the destination. Closer locations help save on flight tickets but still get the feel of a destination wedding.
    Destination Wedding Forum
  3. Find Local Produce for Gifts & Favours
    Once the location is decided, figure out what is the local speciality and utilize these in your wedding favours. If you’re planning a wedding in Shimla then locally produced jams and preserves can be gifted, and similarly, if it’s Jammu local handicrafts can be a good option. You may get a lot of destination wedding favour ideas and tips on various destination wedding forums online but local produces will add a special touch to your wedding favours and will also be easy on your budget.Destination Wedding Favour Ideas And Tips
  4. Consider Off Season Dates
    Before finalizing a destination, check out their calendar and ensure that there aren’t any major events coming up as flowers and catering charges are high during peak season. The time right before or after the peak tourist seasons are great for catching just the right weather and minimal crowd.
    Consider Offseason to Save Wedding Decorations

So if you’re not into never ending queues of guests waiting to get their pictures clicked with you and your partner, want only your close family members and friends at your wedding, and want to save money on banquets, wedding decorations rentals and other wedding arrangements then a destination wedding could be a great option!

Organizing a wedding from a distance may seem frightening, but our Guide to Plan a Destination Wedding is pretty much everything you need to plan your wedding wisely. If you want to make it even simpler, contact us and we will do it all for you!

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