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Benefits of hiring a wedding planner even if you're on a Budget!

Benefits of hiring a wedding planner

Exchanging vows, starting a new life, bonding with a new family, a lifetime of dedication to your partner; a wedding is a new beginning in one’s life. A wedding is a lifelong vision of parents for their children; therefore, it is important to make it memorable and enjoyable for both, the couple and their families.

A perfect wedding requires an ideal wedding planning process executed with a lot of coordination. To make this a success, it is sure that stress and anxiety will be part of the journey. Latest entertainment, innovative designs, chic couture, diverse cuisines, inventive decorations have become the rage for weddings these days and to execute such luxury wedding celebrations, hiring a wedding planner might be just the thing you need!

A wedding planner is the best thing to spend money on. Here are some reasons why you should hire a wedding planner:

  1. You Deserve Perfection
    It takes a lot of planning, time, hard work, and vendor contacts to implement a perfect wedding. There are many benefits of hiring a wedding planner; they help you get rid of unwanted vendor emails and calls which confuse you & waste your time in maintaining their quotes. A wedding planner has everything organized and in place, they keep track of everything and also perform a lot of rehearsals to make sure that everything is implemented with perfection.

    Wedding planner

    As someone who does this for a living, be assured that a wedding planner won’t be making mistakes that you might. They’ll get you the best deals for all your requirements without you having to stress about it.
  2. Want to stick to your Budget
    You may have decided your wedding budget in advance and all your checklists are ready according to that budget. But, it’s no surprise that you might forget to add a thing or two to your list. Budget is one of the hardest aspects of planning a wedding. One needs to keep a track of payments, what was the advance amount, when is the bill due, and making sure nothing goes out of the budget.

    hire wedding planner

    Consider hiring a wedding planner, they know how to keep things within the budget and keep track of deadlines. They know how much things cost and can judge a rough estimate of the budget to be invested in each area. They can also help identifying the areas that you may have missed out on in your budget.

  3. You want to Save Time
    Planning a wedding requires a lot of time and patience. And, of course, you don’t want to run around all the time planning and meeting vendors and bargaining on costs. A wedding planner acts as an assistant who is doing things your way and running around to implement it to perfection.


  4. You want the Entire Wedding Planning Process to be Stress-Free
    Whether it is a long celebration or a short one, you want to enjoy the big day with your partner and other close guests. Hire a wedding planner, they have a full-fledged team of professionals from the wedding and event planning industry and they work well under stress as they know that things can go wrong sometimes and they can handle such situations themselves, keeping your peace of mind.

    benefits of wedding planner

  5. You Want someone to make your Dreams come True
    No matter whether you know exactly what you want, have a vague idea, or no idea at all, a wedding planner can help you define the look, style, mood and emotions you want to create. They know the latest trends and are inspired daily by other brides, suppliers and the industry. They can visualize what will work in your venue and know how to bring your desired mood to life.

    Wedding planner on a budget

  6. You want to manage your friends and family wisely
    Do you have a long list of guests and are arranging their travel logistics bothering you? Are you afraid of managing gifts and guest giveaways? A wedding planner will manage the whole hospitality aspect for you. Also, a wedding planner will show you all the possible and extraordinary gift options available at the best prices.

    Wedding planner on budget

  7. Planning a Destination Wedding
    If you’re planning a destination wedding, it is hard to finalize a venue especially if you haven’t seen it before. Apart from this, there are many other variables such as supplies, food, hospitality, tourist season, licenses, etc. And, hiring a wedding planner is extremely beneficial as a planner has experience in planning destination weddings and has contacts/connections with all kinds of organizers abroad that can handle destination weddings like a professional.

    Hire wedding planner

With Marriageuana, you are hiring a wedding planner on a budget! We work with within the decided timelines and budgets given by the clients to execute successful wedding event. With innovative concepts and creative designs, we believe in turning the couple’s dream into reality. We work hard on the tiniest details so that the client and the family both can relax and enjoy the ceremonies stress-free!

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