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Destination Weddings in Italy - An Exotic & Elegant Wedding!

Destination Wedding Planner
From the day you say "yes", the pressure of planning a wedding is on! The wedding day is one of the most important days of your life on which you try to make sure that everything goes smooth and beautiful.

Italy is considered one of the finest wedding destinations in the world. Some of the grandest Indian weddings have been taking place in Italy since 2010. Its old, charming palace hotels offers the most dreamy, dramatic and dazzling environment. Fascinating history, enchanting cities, delicious cuisine and mesmerizing coasts, lakes, and mountains makes Italy a perfect romantic wedding destination for those looking for something extra special.

Checkout some of these famous wedding locations in Italy and choose the one that matches your dream wedding:   


Tuscany Castle for royal wedding
Tuscany is among the best cities for a destination wedding in Italy. Set along Italy’s west coast, Tuscany offers scenic beaches, charming hilltop villages, majestic castles and stunning cathedrals that will make your heart jump with glee. Tying the knot in Tuscany guarantees a spectacular setting and a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests with mouth-watering cuisine and perfectly paired wines for every course. 

Amalfi Coast

amalfi coast is another wedding
Intimate family dinner at an Italian villa overlooking the sea and a naturally romantic environment is just what you need for a heartfelt wedding! For an unforgettable wedding weekend, jaw-dropping Amalfi Coast has everything for you and your guests. An Indian Wedding with bright colors & traditional rituals will stand out even more in these castles and villas and the fusion of the two will be a sight to remember for years. 


Artistic monuments best wedding
Wedding in Rome is considered a symbolic allure! Rome offers some of the best picturesque locations with romantic backdrops; the old culture mixed with a modern metropolis and historic attractions turn it into a truly unique affair. If you’re looking for a wedding with a beautiful location and want it to be all about family, friends and eternal romance then Rome is the destination for your wedding. 


Puglia wedding planner
Weddings in Puglia are becoming more and more popular for destination weddings in Italy.  The vibe of a Puglia wedding; from the sandy beaches, whitewashed walls, stunning olive groves and steep cliffs facing the crystal waters of the Mediterranean, makes a wedding in Puglia an experience of a lifetime that will make your big day unforgettable both for you and your guests! 


Venice wedding
Situated between Giudecca and Lido, the Venetian Sacca Sessola Island, better known as the Island of Roses is one of the youngest artificial lagoons. A wedding here is like a wedding in paradise and we promise you'll never want to leave! 

If you’re planning a fusion of rustic and romantic for your wedding and want to make the most of these destinations without the touristy crowd in the backdrop then April, May, September, and October are the best months to plan a destination wedding in Italy! 

We advise that the moment you plan to have a destination wedding, set a budget and check if the destination you chose lies under your budget. Then set ‘must-haves’, these are important decisions that you should inform your wedding planner about. As wedding planners our motive is to create an event that reflects the chemistry of the couple, therefore, it is advised that the theme of the wedding should be decided by the couple itself.

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