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How to not Make a Fool of Yourself at your own Wedding!

destination wedding checklist

Your wedding day is here and the spotlight is shining on you! It’s your day and you need to make sure you’re getting all the attention for the right reasons.

So here’s a list of ways that you can enjoy the wedding of your dreams without making a fool of yourself:

Do not get Intoxicated!
not getting drunk wedding checklist

Okay so this one is kind of a no-brainer but still something that needs to be reiterated. A drunk bride is never a good look and not only will it make come across as sloppy but will also result in a killer hangover for when you’re jetting off to your honeymoon. That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a drink at your own wedding but just not enough to have you falling at the dance floor.

Secure your Outfit!
destination wedding gowns and dresses

Ladies this one is particularly important. Destination wedding dresses and gowns especially Indian outfits can be very heavy and if not secured properly can result in a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.  

Outdoor Weddings need an Indoor Venue as Backup!
indoor backup in destination wedding

No matter how obsessively you check the weather app it is always wise to have an indoor venue as backup in case it rains. If you already have it organized it becomes a smooth transition otherwise shuttling your guests into the nearest barn makes you seem unprepared.

Toasts by Family Members should be Vetted!
dresses and toasts by family

Even though your grooms best friend may mean well by comparing you to all his ex girlfriends or showing that embarrassing slideshow, it always ends up in awkward laughter and uncomfortable silences. So just take a look through the toasts before handing over the microphone.

So that’s it, follow this simple destination wedding checklist to avoid giving your gossiping relatives any fodder and sail through your wedding looking like the poised queen you are!

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