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Ideas for Indian Pre-Wedding Party Games to Play for Guests

indian pre-wedding party ideas

You might be familiar and open with your relatives and cousins, but not everyone from both the sides, ladkiwalas and ladkawalas, will be. You will invite your friends from college, school, work, cousins, relatives, neighbours, and many of them will not be connected with each other and some of them might be meeting each other for the first time at the wedding event. And, it is impossible to make an introduction for everyone on the wedding day, and even if introduced, there’s always a discomfort in opening up with people.

Therefore, it is important to break the ice between Team Bride and the Team Groom. Here are some fun stress buster Indian wedding games for guests that can bring both the families together.

  1. Cricket
    Organizing a cricket tournament a great idea for pre-wedding party games. Make it boys vs girls or the groom’s team vs the bride’s team. Make it full of fun by customizing it with personalized jerseys and caps. You can also make the little kids your little cheerleaders. In a country that’s crazy about this sport, you can’t go wrong!
    cricket game for wedding guests
    wedding game for guest
  2. Giant Jenga
    If you have played the normal version of Jenga, you might know how much fun and suspense is related to this game. Guests might feel bored at the event when you and your partner are getting pictures clicked, therefore a giant Jenga is among the out of the box pre-wedding games to play to keep the guests amused while you are off for your photo session.
    giant jenga wedding game for guest
    giatn jenga
    Picture Credits: WedMeGood
  3. Tug of War
    Create a competition between Team Bride and Team Groom for some personalised wedding giveaway. It is not just for fun and entertainment, but a great opportunity to capture some candid moments.
    tug of war
    Picture Credits: WedMeGood
    tug of war wedding game for guests
    Picture Credits: WedMeGood
  4. Antakshri or Karaoke
    A family antakshri tournament is a great idea and practised in many wedding functions. Karaoke is another great option that can be opted to unveil the hidden singers in your family. These are perfect for Sangeets and sure to bring everyone to the dance floor.
    antakshari pre-wedding game
    Picture Credits:WedMeGood
    Picture Credits:WedMeGood
  5. Bollywood or a Casino Night
    Have a Bollywood themed night followed by an award night and give out some awards to best dressed Bollywood actor/actress etc. You can also, go for a Casino Night and arrange for games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, etc. It is a good idea for those who want to take a break from the usual dance functions.
    Casino night
    roulette pre-wedding games

Getting married soon? Let us know if you’ll be implementing any of these pre-wedding games ideas for guests and if you’re looking for someone to organise these for you, contact us now!

If you have some more pre-wedding party games ideas, let us know in the comments below.

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