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Things That Can Go Wrong On A Wedding Day & How To Prevent Them!

Destination Wedding Etiquette

If you, like the majority of women around the world, have been working on your wedding since you can remember, then it’s essential that your big day goes smoothly and without a hitch. So we’ve prepared this by no means exhaustive list (because some situations are genuinely out of our control). But still you will find this list pretty handy when it comes to thinking of destination wedding etiquettes and contingency plans.

You always imagined a wedding with baby pink flowers but then your florist shows up with fuchsia and you want to have a complete meltdown. Avoid this situation by going and handpicking the flowers beforehand and knowing exactly what color and type you want. Also don’t be afraid to repeat yourself, over and over and over.

For outdoor and indoor weddings, it is imperative to make sure that all the generators and inverters are operating properly and ready to be used. Electricity outages can happen, particularly at older historic landmarks or even small private venues that do not have the capacity for a large number of people. It’s even a good idea to hire an on-site technician to remain on property throughout the duration of the event to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Do not stress yourself by looking at the weather too far in advance, however once you hit the Monday of your wedding week you have a good idea of what the forecast will ultimately be on your wedding day. The best thing to do, especially if you have an outdoor wedding, is to be very prepared for all types of weather. Whether it’s providing large golf umbrellas for your guests to use or, if you see the temperatures dropping, ordering heavy fleece blankets in bulk so that people are comfortable."

Many couples give photographers second fiddle when it comes to planning and shooting time. If you want great shots, not only should you give your photographer enough time before and after the ceremony, but also allow your photographer to take action when the best lighting is. For instance, if you've hired an amazing photographer known for their natural light photography, but are pushing your ceremony to sunset, you may be disappointed with the end product.

We all know them, that particular set of relatives that are going to find faults in every tiny detail and not be afraid to share them with you. Alas no foolproof situation has been uncovered to make them stop, so the best thing to do is make small polite conversation with them and QUICKLY move on!

The sad reality is that more often than not at public venues the bathrooms are not maintained very well. Hiring a bathroom attendant will ensure that the bathrooms are kept neat and tidy throughout the course of the wedding and your guests and you do not need to have an unpleasant experience.

So thus even though some pesky little elements do show up that may threaten to ruin your perfect day, do not worry! The important thing is for you to make memories that will last a lifetime and have the best time with your mate by your side!

All this may sound a little too much for wedding planning timeline, Hire us and we will do it all for you!

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