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Wedding Dress Shopping Tips: A Smart Bride Guide!

bride wedding dresses
Wedding shopping is one of the most exciting parts of the wedding preparation process. But, the process of finding the right bridal outfit, jewellery and shoes are not always easy; you may end up buying something either too expensive or too cheap for your wedding day.

Every girl wants to look the best on her wedding day and to keep all the eye balls on herself; the wedding attire should be given a great amount of thought. Consulting with wedding planner can also help you to list down better shopping places and people who can help you to find the perfect wedding dress. That’s why for all bride-to-be’s, here are some wedding dress shopping tips that will help you save time, and stick to your wedding shopping list budget!

  1. Know Your Budget
    It is important to decide a budget before your start your wedding shopping. Once you know how much you can spend on your wedding dress you can start hunting and keeping an eye out for great deals either online or in stores.
    Manage your wedding budget wisely with our tips and printable checklist to avoid any mismanagement!Girl with shopping bags

  2. Search for Your Style
    Research is important before stepping out for wedding shopping. The Internet is full of wedding sources, you can also check wedding shopping online portals, we advise you to create a wedding shopping list for your outfits and start taking references and inspirations. Wedding planning portals such as Wed Me Good, Wedding Sutra, Shaadi Saga, etc. can also help you find trending outfits and local designers within the desired budget.
    Wedding Shopping

  3. Discuss With Your Partner
    Of course, you want to keep your wedding outfit private and want to surprise your guests. But, at the same time you don’t want to look totally mismatched to your partner; if he is wearing a traditional outfit with warm colours, you’d look awkward wearing contemporary with pastel colour tones.
    The most important wedding dress shopping etiquette is to ask your partner about his likes and dislikes, what you as a couple would like to wear on the wedding day and discuss your wedding wear details such as colour, style and theme. Apart from being great practice for open communication, this also ensures that your wedding pictures will look amazing.
    groom and bride looking at each other

  4. Buy Lingerie First
    Your Lingerie can make or break the look! As weird as it may sound, ill-fitted inner wear will make you feel uncomfortable and may spoil your dress fitting. Therefore, buy your lingerie first and always carry it with you whenever you go out for a trail. If you feel great in what you’re wearing you’ll look great too and the foundation of it is always inner wear.
    Wedding Dress Lingerie

  5. Consider Wedding Venue and Theme
    It is important to make sure details like your Wedding Venue and Theme are in place before you can start shopping for your wedding wear. If you have a ballroom wedding, then you can wear a heavily embellished and layered outfit. But, if it is an outdoor venue, you need to consider the weather. Same is the case with wedding themes, if it’s a traditional wedding consider wearing a lehenga in dark hues and if it is a contemporary wedding then you may choose a gown with pastel shades.
    Wedding Venue

  6. Do Not Shop Too Early
    Indian weather is unpredictable and so are Indian fashion trends; colour, fabric, style, and embroidery; everything changes with every coming month. If you’ve been engaged for a while, avoid visiting bridal boutiques trying to shop about 2-3 months prior to your wedding. Discounts or sales can also sway your mind and make you shop impulsively. This can make your wedding outfit look outdated by the time your wedding day arrives even if you got a great deal on it.wedding shopping online

  7. Do Not Shop With Too Many People
    Your wedding outfit is something that everyone will be looking at and therefore it is important to make sure that it is perfect. Shop with a maximum of 2 people as having several opinions can hinder you from your inspiration and can make you buy something that isn’t what you were looking for. The ideal shopping mate would be your mum and your best friend, as they will know your interest closely and will guide you in the most effective way, also make sure that you have your reference images saved on your phone. This is amongst the most important wedding dress shopping tips that you must consider!
    wedding dress shopping

  8. Experiment
    If you have enough of time (about 2-3 months), we advise you to experiment a little with your wedding shopping and try out something like drapes, lehenga sarees, draped gowns, ghagras and dhoti outfits – time to think beyond lehengas! Take the time to shortlist different styles, try them on, work out color schemes and put together something that you’ll look absolutely fabulous in.wedding dresses

Tip: Make sure you get a receipt for whenever you buy something, this will help you exchange or return pieces later in case of any problem. Also, this will help you keep a record of your budget!

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