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About Us

wedding planning business

Indian weddings feature around the glitters and rituals of our rich culture that date back to centuries. With a fresh perspective and innovative approach to decor, event planning & management, Marriageuana caters you reliable wedding planning advice to make your nuptials, a memorable one.

You imagine and we execute it to the ‘T’ and even beyond. Be it the florists, the decor or the food we will make it the best. From Thailand to Dubai, Turkey to Italy, Rajasthan to Kolkata, marriageuana, the destination wedding planner in India promises you the finest of all!

Fireworks, Food & Beverages, Invites, Entertainment, Decor, Grooming...You name it, we have it!

The Founder

wedding planner in India

Pramod Lunawat, an experienced, meticulous & creative event manager and the founder of Millennium Event, dreamt of a wedding planning company which will make the concept of marriages even more everlasting to the Indian families. Today, from locations in India to all over Asia, his dream has been realized by the excellently organized and brilliantly creative team as it has become widely known wedding planner in India. Everyone in the team bring their core competence to be utilized for one objective – client delight.

From the start of his career, Pramod wanted to focus on corporate events and social parties through Millennium Event across Asia, but due to high demand and regular enquires he created & propelled a wedding planning business, Marriageuana into designing some of the most stylish and delightfully intoxicating weddings in India and abroad and was glued to the prettiness and enormity of weddings. The most successful event in life is one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations!