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Destination Wedding in France

Destination weddings have become a trendy affair lately. These days, to explore this option hasn’t become any uncommon. Along with getting married with the love of your life, you even get to divulge into a new destination altogether. And, what can be better than having your partner by your side in an exquisite place?

Talking about places, France is one such destination that always remains at the top in everyone’s list. And, surely, it will be available in yours, too. Getting married in France isn’t a big deal until we are beside you. So, if you’re ready to get on board and make your journey marvelous, get in touch with Marriageuana today.

wedding in france

Making Things Perfect for You:

France is an area, situated in western Europe. It comprises alpine villages, Mediterranean beaches, and medieval cities. If you’re a historical geek, exploring France on the biggest day of your life would be the best idea.

Finding varied cities and places in France that are known for classical art museums, fashion houses, and more wouldn’t be a tough task for you. Furthermore, this country is even known for its sophisticated cuisine and wines.

The ancient cave drawings, theatres, and palaces will pique your interest even more. Considering that this country is rich in history, you would surely have a huge list of choices in front of you. And then, Marriageuana will also be beside you, to help you out, should you get stuck at any step of organizing a big fat wedding.

A Dreamy Wedding in France:

Right from the planning to the execution of it, at Marriageuana, our experts are proficient enough to handle every single thing. Without causing any hassle to you, we intend to cater to your different requirements and making your day a perfect one.

Consult us for Wedding:

We take pride in our experienced and well-versed team that has years of experience in this industry. Thus, regardless of your demand, dreams, and requirements, we are here to fulfill each one of them with utmost happiness and dedication. All you’d have to do is pack your bags and fly down to France. Rest of it will be managed seamlessly.

Worried about Prices?

Getting married in France would be extremely expensive. If that’s what you’re thinking, then, fortunately, you have it all wrong. Considering the years of experience in this industry, we can help you organize a wedding within your budget. In this way, you’d be able to get married in the lanes of France without burning a hole in your pocket.

Venues for You:

Talking about venues in France, for sure, there is no dearth of them. Right from ancient palaces, to historical Eiffel Tower, and peaceful beaches, you’ve got everything covered here. So, make your choice and leave it to us.

Food Tasting & Inspecting Sites:

If you don’t want any compromises, believe us, neither do we. We work vigorously to ensure that everything for you is settled and appropriate enough. Hence, we, along with your ideas, plan accordingly.


1. Is it possible to get married legally in France?

For the legal aspect, one of you would have to be the resident of France for 40 days consistently. If that can happen, you can get legally married in France.

2. Can you arrange a wedding in a French Church?

Yes, we can do that, very happily.

3. What are the most popular wedding venues in France?

In France, there is no dearth of venues. Some of the best ones include Chateau la Tour Vaucros, Domaine Gayda, Shangri-La Hotel Paris, Les Vieilles Luges, Hotel du Cap Eden Roc, Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Le Petit Versaille, The Hotel Particulier Montmarte, and more.

4. Is there self-catering?

Several private venues and locations would be providing in-house catering to you. However, even if you’d like to bring your own caterers, that would be fine with us as well as the venues, too.

5. Can I choose the French menu?

Of course, you can. There is an extensive range of delicious items to choose from. Tailored to your budget and taste, you can have expert French chefs to create a customized wedding menu for you. If you’d like to add something extra, your suggestions would always be prioritized.