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Destination Wedding in Spain

Any wedding does not come with a Plan B as it is all about sharing the bond and fulfilling all the promises until the last breath. Weddings are imperative and indispensable, and this is the raison d'être that there is no turning back or changing the ways. The new journey starts together and ends together.

Spain has strong ethos with the wedding chimes and furnishes the most romantic backdrops that accompany you with spectacular locations, sceneries, castles, beaches and so on. Marriageuana feels over the moon to become a part of your sanctity and will lay everything forward to make this day ravishing.

destination wedding Spain

Places for your D-Day:

Spain has always been admired for its destination wedding, and this is quite evident with the countless marriages taking place here all around the year. Sanctified with the perfect locations and the surrounding, Spain takes all the credit to be amongst the preeminent and reliable wedding spot all over the planet. 

The perspective of finalizing the ideal wedding venue is different for different couples, but Spain knows how to make the bride and groom smile. The views, inspiration, thoughts, expectations all play a key role in Spain as marriages here are sacred.

Marriageuana will back you in the best possible manner so you can rejoice every element of your wedding day with relieve. Being the eye candy of the hour, we promise to make the day worthy enough to be remembered and not get locked in the wedding albums only.

Make Your Wedding a Perfect Dreamy Reality:

Are you not confident about your wedding at Spain and having butterflies flying inside your stomach? If that is the scenario, let Marriageuana assist you with high flying wedding venues that Spain is famed for. Yes, we are talking about those where your favorite Hollywood star has tied the knot. We have done it many times and will love to do it for you like a boss.

Consultation for Wedding:

How to get married is not a question to be asked instead where to get married is the prominent one. Marriageuana glows out of the blue with the vibrant locations of Spain without any precincts. Marriages are all about delight imbibed into the magnificence of two people. We are acknowledged for our job, adorn in the midst of enchantment of the setting.

Our Quote:

The cost of arranging a wedding in Spain might be the first question that pops out of anyone mind. We believe it to be the genuine one as there are so many things like ceremony, decoration, dining that all make a wedding a glamorous affair. Accordingly, we, at Marriageuana, put down the most cost-effective amenities without even bumping down on the quality of services. Here, you will be flabbergasted by final price quote and will indubitably brim with a smile.

A Venue for You:

Spain is not a little neighborhood where you can see grove out with the venue in seconds. Rather, it has a substantial aura just like its name. Here, the locations are described with its charm and climate, and they are in bulk, so everyone gets the venue as per their taste. Marriageuana knows the tactic and will book the location that you put your finger on.

Food Tasting & Site Inspection:

Do you have the wedding food menu in mind or want any proposition? See, there might be certain aspects that can go under the variance. Our team gives absolute importance to the implication of the right food on the right plate. There should not be any contrast of taste, no matter whether you are marrying in your city or outside; the food has to be flawlessly tasty. Our squad will get hold of the same.


1. Can you provide us more information about a wedding in Spain?

Designing a wedding spot is like creating a castle and thus raises a series of questions. So, don't leave any thought inside your mind. We will take all the initiative to give you an apt solution.

2. Can you arrange for a legal marriage without a religious ceremony in Spain?

Marriages can be done legally and traditionally here in Spain but are all embodied with the laws only. We will render helping you with time-honored wedding rituals and cannot thrive for the bylaws.

3. What are the most popular wedding venues in Spain?

Spanish weddings are known to be the intimate ones, and the same can be replicated with its sites too. Here are some sensational locations that you must take note are Atzaro Agroturismo, Casa Felix, Don Carlos Leisure Resort and Spa, Castle of EI Papiol.

4. What’s the best time to get married in Spain?

Spain is the decisive wedding destination and if you do not have any budget constraint then fix the dates in September and October as these months soothes with the perfect romantic climate. Other than this, July and August are the busiest and preferred time to get married here.

5. Can I bring my caterers or vendors?

Say, yes to your vendors as they can also come along with you as we adore your emancipation and would not like you cut any of your desires. Further, we would be in high spirits to help you with other vendors if you ask for.