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UAE & Oman

Destination Wedding in UAE & Omen

Not yet decided the wedding venue; Are you serious? Getting married in UAE & Omen is seriously a wonderful idea, and there is no counter question to be asked as for why to choose this very location? Whether you want to kiss your bride in a quaint desert wedding or at a five-star resort; you are the man to decide.

The conversation of the wedding starts with concerns about the venue, and UAE & Omen has it all for you to make it nothing but only magnificent. There are an oasis, wooden huts, desert, islands, clubs and what not? Plus, Marriageuana is there to make things happen.

wedding in UAE

Perfect Places for Your Perfect Day:

No bride or groom ever wants to get married at any quiescent venue that has lest out with the charm. The concept of wedding no more remains following the rituals but twirls into a wedding with many plans behind. It is among the most awaited days for the bride, groom and the entire family.

Marriageuana will lease all your nervousness and anxiety concerning the nuptials. Do you want to know how? No, we are not the magicians, but yes, we are the connoisseur wedding planners for your wedding day.

UAE & Omen will indubitably bamboozle you with venues and prospects. So, to see the brighter side, our squad will create the perfect theme, hospitality to cover every aspect of your wedding. From the beach wedding to a royal escape, you will find yourself lucky with Marriageuana.

We Are Here to Make Your Wedding A Dream:

Choosing a wedding dress and fixing dates are just the starters of the wedding but what counts the most is the wedding venue. It has to be illustrious and bang on, so there are no setbacks to the wedding and is picture perfect, too. Marriageuana will lest you out from the tot, and there will be no running around the circles finding the venue.

Wedding Consultation:

Hiring a wedding planner in a new country is like walking against the wind. Marriageuana will help you in this process with its experience and fertile options. No matter what your language is and where you hail from, our team members are fluent and compatible with everything new.

Our Quote:

Everything in wedding formulates with pre-designed budget and to get stuck with the same is highly complicated as priorities change with every step. And, there are a number of impasses that one goes through if things do not fall on place. Marriageuana is not the seasoned professional but is full of zipping all around the year. So, the price quote that you will get with us will be the most cost-effective one with additional discount offers too.

A Venue for You:

Grabbing a superb wedding location in UAE & Omen is pretty tricky, but Marriageuana knows the trick perfectly. So, hang around with us and take your wedding vows afar from your doubts and concerns.  Here you will get the fluency of locations and everything that compose a wedding in an unblemished and beautiful way.

Tasting & Site Inspection:

The ultimate wedding checklist gets the approval with the final go through of dining and site. Marriageuana will not make you stay bewildered as of how things are being done at the wedding venue. Thus, it is our responsibility to make your wedding an international affair with grace, and this can only be possible if you give us the green signal before the showdown.


1. Can you provide us more information about a wedding in UAE & Omen?

A marriage can only be triumphant if the bride and groom have their all questions answered impeccably and we carry on with their thoughts. It is like riding on two boats if you are in dilemma of how the marriage will be performed? So, to help you out, we have the best representatives on board.

2. Can you arrange for a legal marriage without a religious ceremony in UAE & Omen?

Legal wedding in UAE & Omen is bound with many laws and especially if you don’t belong to the place, and we won’t be able to lend a hand too. But if you are inclined towards traditional weddings then do bond with us.

3. What are the most popular wedding venues in UAE & Omen?

Want to get married at an idyllic setting with the gorgeous decor, then here we will ensure to plan out the magical one for you as the prominent locations like Four Seasons Hotel, The Address Montgomerie, Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, Ai Maha, Arabian Ranches Golf Club and there are uncountable venues waiting for you to have a look.

4. What’s the best time to get married in UAE & Omen?

You don’t want to get married under the scorching sun, right? If not then you need to fix the wedding dates either between June and August or between October to August. These months are known to be the most pleasing and romantic ones too.

5. Can I bring my caterers or vendors?

Taste and arrangements are two things that stay in the memory lane after the marriage but if you are planning for a destination wedding and want to serve the guest with your type of cuisines and then please step forward. Even our team will assist you with the preeminent list of caterers and vendors if the time calls.