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  • Marriageuana managed our wedding planning and execution perfectly and very professionally. Kudos to Pramod and the whole team!

  • From the moment we got in touch with you, you made us feel confident that our wedding arrangements were in good hands. Can't express our gratitude and thank you enough! You guys made every detail of our trip so special and memorable. We were blown away by the different themes that you came up with for every wedding function.Your hospitality had such warmth and we really loved the creative gifts you put together. From start to the finish, you guys made sure that our dream wedding became a reality!

  • "How you'd even remember that there are 80 plus guests in the group and they may need a bucket and a mug in a 5 star in Thailand where there are just shower cubicles. It really takes a lot of experience and focus to remember such minute details. Kakasa and we were really touched. Our son's wedding was a foodie's delight. How you select the best cuisine and then the best dishes did so amazing when we did all the food taste in Bangkok and Kolkata. Rishi at the airport got us a valuable lost item for the bride...he was so involved. Thank you for being a sport by joining us in the Barat despite so much work. Pramodji, we were really happy to see how your team functions and how transparent your dealings are. It really takes a lot to get there. Refer us for anybody who needs reference for your team at Marriageuana"

  • "Our daughter's wedding has been a dream wedding, a talking point in Chennai! Thanks to you Pramod and Team Marriageuana. Special mention for those members of your team who took care of the Baraatis and our guests with so much warmth and courtesy. The Decor for all the events was so meticulously designed and planned that what we saw in the graphics was absolutely the same on ground. The fact that you listen to the client and get closest to what they want is a great plus! We will surely be your Brand Ambassadors here in South India. Count on us for anything"

  • My wedding was a dream, come true. Thanks to marrriageuana in general and Pramod uncle in particular for giving me my perfect wedding. Right from the conceptualization to the execution, every little thing was taken into account to make the events a grand success. The hospitality brimming with warmth is what everyone still remembers. The decor, food, theme of every event so different from each other, and still they were all remarkably outstanding in their own ways. Overall I would say, I couldn't have had a better wedding. My wedding was everything I had ever dreamt of! Thank You once again.

  • Thanks for making this wedding a special event of my life. Everyone enjoyed the celebrations. Words are not enough to thank you for the efforts you put in. Everything you had done seemed to be from the heart. It was really superb, grand, fabulous and beyond everyone's expectations.