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Destination Wedding in Italy

Marriage is a sheer fortune, also a renaissance of two beautiful people, who are walking ahead on the same path for all their lives. If you are gearing towards planning for the wedding bells, then Italy is the apt choice. Being one of the most romantic destinations of the world, it has served as the bestman at many weddings.

Italy will bestow you with everything that you have ever imagined for your dream wedding. The rolling landscapes, beautiful castles, and the blossoming weather is the perfect cherry on the cake. To paint your far away destination wedding right into the reality Marriageuana is here to help. We are here with the unbeatable team on duty. So, get energized as your wedding ceremony will be taken over by the most talented and experienced wedding planners.


destination wedding in Italy

Get to Know the Perfect Places:

Italy is a picturesque location and looks like the first creation of God. Planning to get locked your nuptial knots here will bequeath you with real bliss. There is a reason as for why all Hollywood and now even the Bollywood stars are looking forward to starting their new beginning here. The marvelous napes, lakes, churches, cathedrals, villas are once going to stun you for sure.

Italy will tender you with myriad options, and you will end with the wonderful wedding spot that will fit your expectations too. Marriages are to be done once in a lifetime, and thus one should not leave any pages unturned. We, at Marriageuana, will facilitate you with the finest locations of Italy.

You are the boss here and have the sole liberty to settle on what kind of backdrop you are looking for. We, being the planners, promise to nourish you with the best. If the couple wants an extravagant venue or something authentically Italian, the choice is yours, and we will make it happen.

Beside You Till the End:

The timeless elegance and beauty of Italy will make you fall in love with it, and you will definably want your wedding chorus to be sung here. How about knowing things in more details? Getting married in Italy is a big deal only if you don’t plan it suitably. But don’t get anxious as we will make it the most easy-tizzy ride for you and your friends. 

Wedding Consultation:

Marriageuana wholly comprehends with the brimming romance behind the marriage and hence, endeavors to make the day the most memorable one. Our trendsetting events and ideas will make your dream come true. The team is filled with the most passionate and electrifying personalities who are just the best in the business. Here you will not be served with the hefty bills but only what needs to be paid.

Our Quote:

Marriageuana proposes to make your destination wedding unforgettable and will never expect you to end with paying the stretched bills. Let’s make your wedding euphoric with our incredibly talented team. We will proffer you with the apt quote and that you will not find anywhere else. Plus, the price quoted is undoubtedly not going to dig a hole in your pocket.

Perfect Venues for You:

Italy never fails to put forward the best wedding locations, and the couples find themselves in a dilemma as which one to choose and which to take no notice of. Here is the trick my friend! We, at Marriageuana, will introduce you with the magical sites of Italy where you can blissfully exchange your vows with utter gratification.

Food Tasting & Site Inspection:

The only thing that someone never forgets about the marriage is the food. Our role doesn’t end with planning your wedding theme and style, but we prospect on the cuisines to be served as well. The platter served will be distinguished, and at the same time, it will be delectably surprising for the taste buds too.


1. Can you provide us more information about a wedding in Italy?

Shootout all your questions, and you will get the appropriate answers right on time. Feel free to reach us at any time of the clock.

2. Can you arrange for a legal marriage without a religious ceremony in Italy?

Every country has their norms when it comes to getting married legally, and so does Italy. We apologize not to help you in this matter instead you are looking ahead for the traditional marriage.

3. What are the most popular wedding venues in Italy?

Book your plane tickets for Italy as you need to visit plenty of locations here for your wedding ceremony. The popular ones are Lake Como, Tuscany, Rome, Venice, Sorrento, Amalfi coast and the list goes on and on. 

4. What’s the best time to get married in Italy?

The wedding bells start here in Italy right with the summer season that is the end of April and the beginning of May. The perfect time is said to be from May to October, or else afterward the rain might poke your wedding.

5. Can I bring my caterers or vendors?

You are free to carry along your vendors at your wedding, and you will not find any discrepancy form our side. Our team would be glad to work amicably with your people and by chance you want any help concerning the other vendors, we are always happy to lend a hand.