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Destination Wedding in Malaysia

Have you planned for the idyllic wedding destination for yourself or still juggling with options? Malaysia is hallowed with the pastoral beauty of beaches, forests, landscapes, and enchanting mountains that all seem to sing the wedding song for a couple.

Malaysia is the apt wedding destination for dreamers, and here, we mean every couple. There is no boy or girl who has never planned for an amazing wedding, including surrounding, dresses, dishes and the whole lot. If you are one of them, then join hands with Marriageuana who will paint the final colors of your dream with no dearth of an expedition.


wedding planner Malaysia

Let’s Get on the Journey:

Forecasting a wedding day out in a country like Malaysia exceeds one's expectations starting from couples to that of the guests. Feelings that the couple is taking their vows in a fairytale wedding are enough to give goosebumps and the charisma of Malaysia into it is just not the cream of the cake.

Malaysia is a stunning blend of two different cultures and thoughts that boosts the leeway of a wedding with varied prospects. The romantic colonials, mesmerizing islands, elegant locations, beaches, and even forests are taken to be the top-notch options for marriages here.

Malaysia is one such dreamy destination that will flood your wedding checklist with an array of options, and you might enter into multiple thoughts. Marriageuana is all geared up to create the wonderland for you edge by the edge as you have drafted to us.

It’s All About Transforming Dreams into Reality:

Want to bash out all the ugly thoughts that the wedding in Malaysia can’t be possible? If so, then note down our number. Marriageuana exactly knows what you are looking for and how to bring it right on your palms. Wedding in Malaysia is like getting married in the heaven walking down the glorious steps with flowers falling from the sky. Save the date and share with us and see the drill.

Wedding Consultation:

All the wonderful things that you have set for your wedding will now be turning out from the picture. The setting, lighting, decor and even the dessert table is ready to showcase their presence. Marriageuana has all the skyscraping spirits intending to create your wedding into the most inspiring ones. The day you look back to your wedding album will surely remind you of us.

Our Quote:

The vim and vigor of the marriage go down with those annoying and perpetual bills that never agree to stop. Don't be
concerned as our team will not let the enthusiasm go down as the overall costing of your wedding will not hurt your bank accounts. We promise you to make your wedding to be a dreamy affair and not a costly one.

Venue for You:

The decor, drink, entertainment, food all of these things are the ingredients of a successful wedding day, but it can only be possible if the venue is right. Imagine a dull site with ravishing decoration; both will never go along. Marriageuana has the sense of sight and thus will gift you with a venue that you have never thought till date. Our way of working is an act that brings marriages to verve.

Food Tasting & Site Inspection:

The perfect wedding ceremony comes with the ideal food served at the time of the celebrations. Every dish has to be different concerning the taste, and the looks cannot be ignored, too. Likewise, the sites are to be examined with keen eyes leaving no corners behind. Say yes to Marriageuana and let the team sleigh you to the inspection parade.


1. Can you provide us more information about a wedding in Malaysia?

We know, you have many questing battling inside and thus, here are your answers. Be familiar with us in all terms and see how easy your marriage will get planned.

2. Can you arrange for a legal marriage without a religious ceremony in Malaysia?

Marrying in Malaysia all the way through the traditional scenario is well thought-out and measured with Marriageuana. But if you have your eyes on getting married legally, then we won’t be able to step forward.

3. What are the most popular wedding venues in Malaysia?

Whoa! The wedding bells here in Malaysia are the most mesmerizing ones. The couple gets to adore the magic of the city and can celebrate their most awaited day at the signature wedding venues that Malaysia offers like Golden Horses, Langkawi, Kota Kin Balu, and many more stirring places.

4. What’s the best time to get married in Malaysia?

Malaysia serves the best wedding climate amid August to December. During this time the climate turns to be blossoming with the ravishing monsoon saying goodbye and welcoming winter at the other side. There is not going to be any lightning that might weigh down the wedding day.

5. Can I bring my caterers or vendors?

Do you have the list of your caterers and vendors standing by then what are you waiting for? Common let’s make the party
rocking together. Ahh! You can also switch to other vendors as well. Just give us a call, and we will fix the things right on place.