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Destination Wedding in Thailand

Marrying far away from the home-town or cities surrounded by loved ones used to be termed as eloping, typically a marriage without the affirmation of family and closed ones. However, today, the methodology has been completely transformed. With destination weddings becoming a trend, nobody wants to get married in the city they stay in 24/7.

So, when it comes to finding an alluring destination, what would be better than Thailand? Being a Southeast Asian country, Thailand is primarily known for opulent royal palaces, tropical beaches, ornate temples, ancient ruins, and much more. So, if you’re ready to get hitched here, Marriageuana is here to help at every step.

wedding in Thailand

Thailand Can Make for a Dream Wedding:

Formerly known as Siam and now, officially called the Kingdom of Thailand, this place surely has almost everything to make your wedding a perfect affair. Being the 50th largest country of the world, this place acknowledges innumerable couples, coming here to get married each year.

And, if you’re in a dilemma and tensed about arrangements, you can leave everything on us and sit back to relax. With a team of connoisseur planners, we will take care of everything for you, from the beginning till the very end.

Whether you want to get married surrounded by the royalty of palaces, or you want to conduct a casual ceremony on a beach, at Marriageuana, we can prepare for every kind of wedding for you. Also, if you don’t want to spend a lot and want to tie the knot in the presence of a few close ones, we can even arrange things in a restaurant or a hotel.


Leave Everything on Us: 

Can you feel jitters and butterflies dancing, just with the mere mention of getting married in Thailand? If yes, then that’s the cue you should be grabbing then and there. And then, get in touch with us without further ado.

Proper Consultation:

When it comes to getting married across seas and far away from your own land, doubts and questions ought to appear. Understanding your predicament, we, at Marriageuana, are here to be by your side throughout the process. So, let’s begin with the consultation step and have a chit-chat about your dream wedding. Are you ready?

Affordable Prices:

If you’re worried about excessive expenditure, don’t think too much about it. Not just we understand your dreams, but also intend to fulfill each one of them within your budget limit. So, you’ll surely find our quotes reliable enough than the rest of them.

Perfect Venues in Thailand:

In terms of area, Thailand is counted among the largest countries in the world. Thus, you’ll surely find a lot of places here to choose from. In this scenario, we’ll constantly be there to suggest you nothing but the best.

Food & Inspection of Site:

Your D-day doesn’t deserve any compromises, right? Hence, you can even leave the food aspect on us. Whether you want authentic Thailand food on the platter or you want your regional items, we are ready to serve everything. And, when it comes to site inspection, we won’t be leaving any stone unturned in choosing the best for you.


1. Why should I get married in Thailand?

Right from mesmerizing wedding locales to gourmet cuisines, exotic markets, a variety of palaces, and a lot more can be found in Thailand.

2. Is it easy to obtain a Thailand visa?

Yes, obtaining a Thailand visa is quite easy. You’d need a passport with six months of validity. You can even apply for a Thai visa in India if you want.

3. What would be the best time to get married in Thailand?

Thailand is a humid region; thus, the weather is never too extreme. The summer season here runs from March to June. And then, the monsoon arrives in July and lasts till November. From December to February, Thailand remains cool. So, you can decide upon the time accordingly.

4. Is it important to get the marriage registered in Thailand?

No, it is not vital. A lot of couples get married in Thailand and get registered in their home country. However, if you want, you can get your marriage registered in Thailand.

5. What are the most famous places in Thailand?

There are several of them, such as Railay Beach, Koh Phi Phi, The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Pai, Sukhothai Old City, Historic City of Ayutthaya, Doi Suthep, and much more.