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Destination Wedding Checklist for Planning Your Dream Wedding

Those who are just taking it lightly should know that planning a destination wedding is not a seamless job. It takes a lot of organization, decision making, expense, and several other additional factors to make it a perfect task.

Whether you have selected a tropical destination or an international one, you must prepare a checklist before you take the plunge and begin with organizing and settling down every aspect. However, being stuck in this situation, totally clueless, is nothing but common.

So, to take away your worries, here is the ultimate destination wedding checklist that you should consider while planning your wedding.

1. Decide Your Budget:

Budgeting is quite an important thing, regardless of the task you are planning. And then, when talking about wedding destinations, there is a lot that would be required throughout the days you are going to spend on rituals and parties.

Whether you are choosing a national destination or an international one, make sure you are sorted with your budget. Include things like traveling expense, accommodation, food, wedding preparation expense, and more to get a fair idea.

You can outline the entire journey of your wedding from the beginning to the end. Create categories and assign a rough figure to each one of them. Prioritize your necessities and find out areas where you can cut costs.

2. Research Locations & Venues:

The next thing that should be on your checklist is selecting the location and venues. The entire world has countless beautiful locations that you can choose to get married at like Bali, Spain, Paris, Udaipur, Thailand, etc. So, make sure that the place you are choosing is giving you the experience of your life.

And then, once you are done with the location, research on the venues available there. If you have already finalized the wedding date, make sure that the selected venue is available on that specific date. Also, concentrate on the weather of the location for a seamless experience. Be it a resort or a palace; it should match your style and taste perfectly in every sense.

3. Specific Laws of the Destination:

If you are thinking to make your wedding an international affair, you should be wary of the laws and restrictions of that state or country. Keep in mind that different countries have different laws. It is possible that they might not match your perception.

Also, some countries have even specified laws according to the religion and culture of the bride and groom. If you don’t match the criteria, you might not be able to get married there. So, this one is an important factor while selecting a destination.

4. Find Out Vendors:

Since you are moving away from your hometown to get married, it is quite obvious that you wouldn’t be able to take all the vendors and organizers along with some other place. It will only add up to your expense and won’t churn out any benefits.

Thus, you must ensure that the location and venue you have selected are providing you, vendors, as well. Cross-check whether the venue offers catering or not. And then, also make sure that you are being attentive towards the arrangement that the venue is providing. If nothing seems to suit your requirements, you can even take help from a wedding organizer.

5. Select A Local Photographer:

One aspect that holds utmost importance during a destination wedding is the photography. You cannot afford to compromise with pictures of your wedding, right? After all, they are going to take you back to the mesmerizing day of your wedding. Thus, you should be cherishing them forever.

So, once you have decided on the location, start finding the local photographers who would be professional in their work. Don’t forget to check their portfolio to make a better decision. You must ensure that you are choosing the one who can do wonders with photography skills.


Organizing a destination wedding might not seem an easy task, however, once you have dived into the process, things will start happening on their own. Furthermore, if you think you will not be able to manage and organize everything by yourself, you can even find a wedding organizer who would be proficient enough in this work. With the help of that reliable team, you can surely have an amazing wedding.

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