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Destination Wedding in Kolkata

Kolkata means love, culture, tradition and loads of smile. A city that neither sleeps nor stops smiling. Step into the chambers of Kolkata, and you will leave with your heart filled with love. And, when it comes to marriage, it is one destined place to get married under a pious atmosphere.

The inimitable historical architecture of Kolkata behind your wedding picture will create perfect gorgeousness without any error. It is a magnificent city with a blend of historical and contemporary culture restored together offering a heap of preferences to get married here amid the Indian culture.

wedding planner in Kolkata

Perfect Places for Your Perfect Day:

Are you among those romantic couples who are planning their wedding day in Kolkata? Sometimes thinking more might put you into some expensive deals of locations and ceremonies. Marriageuana will be delighted to rescue you from the commotion and will make your day an amazing ceremony that lasts for a lifetime.

Marriageuana knows how to satisfy your requirements with superior services. With us, you will be meeting with our top-notch experts who will bring alluring venues that you were dreaming of.

An evening in Kolkata is like a sumptuous event and is the bright spot to confess your love for your mate. The sacred Ganga will shower the blessings under the starry night by the side of the astonishing instance.

We Are Here to Make Your Wedding A Dream:

The elegance and beauty of Kolkata are magnificent. The feeling that the bride and groom will go through the wedding fleet with Marriageuana here will be blissful and tranquil. We are here to make your love story one starry-eyed event — a day that will befall as the example for every other forthcoming marriage here in Kolkata.

Wedding Consultation:

Can you plan a wedding in a new city and grab the finest deals amid the new language and culture? You might be unable to give a confident answer, right? Don't lose your sleep tossing around as Marriageuana is the friend you need. We have done all the groundwork so that you can rely on us without any trouble.

Our Quote:

Every wedding comes with a price tag and sometimes it is cumbersome to walk around with. Not only the bride or the groom, but it is also a dream of every parent to come out with a wedding that is perfect and flawless. But owing to the final bills, there are many cuts through on the trail, too. Marriageuana will construct the bills that will meet as per your designed wedding prospect clubbed with many out of the box amenities.

A Venue for You:

Kolkata weddings are showered with fun, colors, crackers, food and so much exciting things to do. But at the end, the choice is yours, like whether you are hoping for a grandeur wedding or a light affair. Marriageuana will follow your commands word by word. And here, in Kolkata, your wedding will twirl with heavenly beauty. You pick your locations as per your wish, be it banquets, royal places, halls or anything else.

Food Tasting & Site Inspection:

Don't you want your guests to remember your wedding day in every bits and piece? If yes, then food and the wedding sites are two important aspects that shouldn’t be taken for granted. And, Marriageuana will ensure that you don’t face any troubles in context with these two factors. So, grab the latest food and site trend with Marriageuana and make your D-day special.


1. Can you provide us more information about a wedding in Kolkata?

A wedding day is all about fun and frolic but to get the same, one has to go through the blocks of questions one after the other. Marriageuana will proffer you with genuine answers to whatever questions you’d have.

2. Can you arrange for a legal marriage without a religious ceremony in Kolkata?

Picking the right time and attesting documents with witnesses in sum represents a legal wedding. Marriageuana will bring up the religious ceremony in action and will be unable to muddle through up the legal works.

3. What are the most popular wedding venues in Kolkata?

Kolkata is the synonym of culture. And, weddings here are just lavish. If you want to blossom your wedding, here we have paramount options of wedding venues, like Taj Bengal, Hyatt Regency, PC Chandra Garden, Ojas Banquet, Imperial Banquet, Bidhan Banquet, Mystika Banquet and so there is no end to the listing.

4. What’s the best time to get married in Kolkata?

Kolkata is a beautiful and amicable city, and here, weddings are arranged all around the year. But there are certain months that are favorites for weddings, like if you are planning for a wedding during the summer, then you can choose a time between April and May. And, for the monsoon, June to September would be the best time. If it is in winters, October to March is considered the best

5. Can I bring my caterers or vendors?

Kolkata serves the most miscellaneous cuisines, and each one of them is lip-smacking. Here you will get an opportunity to surprise your guests with the authentic dishes for the wedding night. But if it doesn’t meet your expectations, then you can choose to bring along your caterers and vendors, too.